The TritonTV Internship Program – Spring ’12

It’s a new quarter which means new ideas, challenges, and most excitingly, new faces!!

Every quarter we run a free hands-on program for UCSD students that teaches the basics and essentials of video production, with heavy emphasis on teamwork and organized workflow. Our experienced and knowledgeable Producers will work with you in groups and one-on-one to teach you everything you need to know to start producing videos by the TritonTV Standard. You will come out of the program with new skills, friends, and connections that will last you a lifetime; not to mention your very own production and a shiny new position as Staff or Producer with us here at TritonTV!

If you have any interest in gaining experience in cinematography, editing, directing, writing, acting, documentary film, broadcast journalism, or any other aspect of video production, the TTV Intern Program is for you. Registration is not required, just come to the TTV Studio THIS Sunday (April 15) at 2pm and you will be automatically enrolled. 

I’ll see you guys there, can’t wait to meet everyone!!!


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