TritonTV Presents: The 3rd Floor

Ever wondered what’s on the 3rd floor of Geisel Library at UCSD? Take a study break to find out… and have an extra pair of pants ready.

*Some context for non UCSD-goers… Our 8-story Geisel Library at UCSD was famously constructed without a 3rd floor (or at least, it is impossible to access). Although many rumors have circulated about its existence or nonexistence, nothing has ever been confirmed… Until now.

The 3rd Floor is an interactive choose-your-own horror adventure created by TritonTV for your enjoyment. At the end of each scene, roll your mouse over the boxes to choose your next action. Unfortunately, as of now this interactive function is not supported on any mobile devices including the iPad or iPhone, you must experience The 3rd Floor from a laptop or desktop computer.

The 3rd Floor
Written by Russ Burton & Raman Kansal
Script Collaborators: Jen Chau, Avo Kambourian, Johnathan Nguyen, Pratik Shah, Bogdan Zlatkov, Ashley Romo, Bryan Levinh
Editors, Sound Design, & Color Correction: Russ Burton, Victor Shiu, Jen Chau, Darren Syu, Bryan Levinh, Bogdan Zlatkov, Avo Kambourian
Visual Effects: Russ Burton
Director of Photography: Bogdan Zlatkov
Director of Photography: Victor Shiu
Assistant Director: Bogdan Zlatkov
Assistant Director: Pratik Shah
2nd Camera: Tim White, Pratik Shah
Production Assistants: Teenah Eco, Benjamin Steen, Basil Trinh & more
Makeup: Teenah Eco, Rhavin McSweaney
Directed and Produced by Patrick “Russ” Burton

Starring – Russ Burton, Rhavin McSweaney, Valerie Dozier, Pratik Shah, Bryan Levinh, Raman Kansal, & Ashley Romo
Special Appearances by Brooks Eggerth, Yiyang Zou, David Freitas, Jocelyn Coca, Bogdan Zlatkov, Sam Lee, Michael Chen, Tim White, & Basil Trinh

It is impressive to note that the TritonTV team conquered this massive project in only 3 weeks so as to release in time for Halloween.

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