The Team

Station Managers

Alexa Rocero

4th Year

Thurgood Marshall College
Major: Communication / Political Science
Minor: Theatre Acting
OH: Thursdays 12-2pm

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Jake Cushnir

IMG_03162nd Year
Sixth College
Major: Structural Engineering
Minor: Digital Film Production
OH: Unavailable

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3rd Year
Muir College
OH: Wednesdays 11am-1pm

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TritonTV boasts a solid pack of highly dedicated student Producers and Staff.

Our Producers

Oscar Bolanos
Ryan Bradford
Grayson Caldwell
Jac Combs
Nick Deagon
Clint Evangelista
Aaron Graham
Diana Gremore
Conal Hamilton
Jason Ho
Andrea Horn
Jazz Kaur
Keeley Lewis
Miguel Mejia
Andrew Mueller
Yuka Murakami
Andrew Ramos
David Schafer
James Shi
Daniel Song
Cecily Swason
Kevin Tong
Alex Uhler
Alex Villa
Tony Wong
Yuxin Zheng
Alex Zhu

Our Staff

Joe Campbell
Jason Chang
Clifford Hoang
James Kwon
Lauren Mejia
Brittany Schnebly

TritonTV will always remember the contributions, achievements, and friendship of our members who have graduated.

Our Beloved Alumni

James Shi (Executive Producer)
Jocelyn Coca (Executive Producer)
Max Armand (Producer)
Patrick Russell Burton (Station Manager)
Beatriz Castillo (Producer)
Jennifer Chau (Executive Producer)
Taylor Chan (Station Manager)
Katie Chen (Producer)
Gregory Cortez (Executive Producer)
Thomas Dadourian (Station Manager/Founder)
Valerie Dozier (Producer)
Teenah Eco (Staff)
Sean Estelle (Executive Producer)
Calvin Feng (Producer)
David Freitas (Head Executive Producer)
Amber Glancy (Executive Producer)
Allan Gao (Producer)
Talia James (Producer)
Avo Kambourian (Executive Producer)
Raman Kansal (Producer)
Akash Kataria (Producer)
Cyrus Kiani (Staff)
Brandi King (Staff)
Monica Lee (Station Manager)
Bryan Levinh (Executive Producer)
Joseph Lieu (Producer)
Anni Ma (Producer)
Rhavin “Byrd” McSweaney (Staff)
Shayna Medoff (Producer)
Mike Minto (Producer)
Parham Moini (Station Manager/Founder)
Gylmar Alexander Moreno (Producer)
Melissa Morgan (Producer)
Johnathan Nguyen (Executive Producer)
Jon Okerblom (Producer)
Daniel Olson (Staff)
Alejandro Parra (Producer)
Ashley Romo (Excec Producer)
Natasha Sahu (Producer)
Pratik Shah (Station Manager)
Victor Shiu (Executive Producer)
Linda Skeens (Executive Producer)
Rishi Taggarsi (Producer)
Michael Todd (Producer)
Basil Trinh (Producer)
Krista Wilson (Producer)
Timothy W. White (Executive Producer)
Catalina Zanetta (Producer)
Bogdan Zlatkov (Producer)