Projects, Ranking, and Delegation

The TritonTV Chain of Command goes like this:

Station Manager -> Producer -> Staff -> Intern -> Member

The higher up you go on the chain, the more responsibilities you will have.This structure also applies to project delegation.

In TritonTV, there are two types of projects:

Client Projects – A student or local organization has asked us to produce a video for them. This project will either be open to volunteers or it will be assigned to a Producer, who will then choose to either head the project him/herself or pass it further down the ladder.
Personal Projects – A Producer within TritonTV wants to produce a video from TritonTV resources.

Some other differences between ranks…

Members ranked Producer or higher may have their own doorcode assigned to them. Members ranked Staff or below are NOT to possess a doorcode at any time.

Station Managers and Producers may head Personal Projects. Producers MUST have a personal project approved by an Station Manager before he or she may begin production. Staff or lower may not produce personal projects.

Interns and members may offer their assistance on any TritonTV project, client or personal, on a purely voluntary basis.

Staff and higher are required to attend General Body Meetings. Missed attendance will be penalized. Interns and members may attend these meetings and are encouraged to do so, especially if they want to get any hands-on experience.

Members may request assistance in producing a video, but may not produce one themselves.